Nursery Paints and Decor

Do you have a baby on the way? Paint and decorate the baby’s nursery in preparation for its arrival. BJC Painting Services recommends choosing from non-toxic paints in the following colours. They’ll be sure to calm your baby and brighten up your day.

White Hinting of Purplish-Grey – The colours grey and purple look beautiful together but can be too bold for a baby’s room by themselves. Having a foundation of white makes the palest of purples and grey mixed together. These colours on the walls of a nursery makes a good backdrop for any décor for a baby girl’s room. Shiny silver accents look great on these walls. Having a light grey or white crib makes the bed area stand out. Black furniture also compliments the purple shade. Gold accents if used by itself with the white purplish-grey walls can give it a regal look – perfect for your baby princess.

Pale Peony Pink – This pink is not too over the top and gives off a tranquil vibe. Your little girl will still have a girly room but at a colour that can be welcomed by both children and adults alike. It’s a great colour canvas for girly decorations. Darker fuchsia pink curtains and grey accents will make the room pop. The pink can be toned down by having a white crib, white dressers, and grey upholstery for the furniture in the room. Chocolate brown accents and toys also work well with the pink walls.

Pastel Peach – This pale colour tends towards a more orange and white undertone. It is gender neutral and an excellent choice for those who want to decorate and don’t know the gender of their baby yet. Having black-coloured furniture like a crib with white bedding makes the room pop with this wall colour. Having white painted dressers and white-coloured toys and mobiles complete the look.

Green – Going with a pale green sheen is surprising and a welcome change from the usual pink or blue shades that are regularly picked for baby rooms. Girl or boy, your baby will enjoy the serene pale colour. Decorated right, it can bring in a woodsy feel. Having a grey, stark white, or dark natural wood crib pairs well with the green walls. Having black or white dresser drawers or shelving units look good too.

Teal or Aqua Green – Resembling the ocean in the tropics, you cannot get a more relaxing colour than this. What’s cool about this colour is that in the daylight it’s very bright and cheery and at night it gives off a feeling of warmth and comfort. Bright orange or pink coral colour for the big dresser and having a white or natural wood crib rounds out the room of this colour as these are colours found naturally in and around the ocean. White picture frames or white ceramic knickknacks and toys perfect the room along with bright white curtains.

Whitish Yellow – Again, another great mix to tame the yellow with the white undertone. It’s a gender-neutral colour and can be decorated accordingly. It’s a very happy colour for both during the day and at night. Having grey and white accents work well with the bright yellow. Greyish-white curtains can balance the colour of the walls.